What's inside?

What is Totem?

A Digital Culture Platform

Businesses once relied on face-to-face office interactions to build and maintain culture. 
Totem does this digitally. 

Totem enables organisations to build inclusive and intentional cultures. Cultures in which employees feel connected, trusted, and visible. Cultures that are measurable and actionable by leaders or managers. 

Organisations become strong, agile, and resilient in the face of rapid change. Get in touch today to find out how to build your culture for hybrid working.


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Employers save money and employees are happier. It sounds ideal. In many ways it has created the grounds for one of the largest cultural experiments in history, and many businesses are reporting that areas like engagement and productivity have improved.

The WFH Success


When the UK first entered lockdown, the initial signs were that this shared event had brought us together and strengthened our sense of connection with our colleagues and businesses.

But as time progressed, we noticed some trends in the Totem product data that made us question if there was an undercurrent to this positive story, one we were keen to explore.

There are early signs of issues developing in the way that hybrid teams communicate, collaborate, and recognise one another that could have a damaging effect on workplace culture. These issues are deep rooted, and pose a significant risk to businesses as the economy bounces back.

The Hidden Issue

Bridging the cultural gap between teams working in different locations, and building trust and visibility between employers and employees will require new digital solutions. Without innovation, the benefits of the workplace culture we once enjoyed are unlikely to remain.

How do we solve it?

The Hidden Impact of Remote Working

How working remotely is impacting your workplace culture

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